Katherine Kaplan-Locke

RN, BSN, post-bac cert.

Katherine Kaplan-Locke

RN, BSN, post-bac cert.
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How I Can Help
Patient Advocacy has always been a very important factor in my nursing care. I have consistently viewed it as one of my highest priorities along with patient safety, and in fact -- they go hand in hand. It didn't help with my popularity while working in healthcare settings, but I didn't do it to be popular -- I did it because it was the RIGHT and JUST thing to do.

Since the advent of the plandemic, I've had the opportunity to use my nursing voice for family and friends. I was highly dismayed and disgusted by how patient rights were being trampled on during the entire covid snafu, and I knew that I would not break my oath of 'First Do No Harm' no matter what -- even if that meant leaving my chosen profession to keep that oath.

I realized during this dark time period in our history that I have a loud mouth and that I'm not afraid to use it. I've also discovered that knowledge, plus my mouth and my nursing know-how, can be of great assistance to those in need even if I'm not doing bed-side nursing anymore.

It wasn't until 2022 that I discovered that there is a relatively new specialty in nursing called the 'RN Patient Advocate [RNPA].' This is it! This is my calling! To help people who need assistance and are having a difficult time negotiating healthcare medical tyranny (something that we are now seeing across not just our nation, but the world) is the right move for me to make in my nursing career.

As so, as your RNPA, I promise you that I will do my absolute best to assist you in getting the healthcare that you are entitled to based upon your rights as a patient under our Constitution, the ADA, and the Nuremberg Code. I also promise that if I am unsuccessful or if I need extra help, I will not hesitate to help you find the resources that you need to get the end result that you want. Additionally, I see my role as a teacher; I will teach you and give you the tools that you need so that you too can learn how to advocate successfully for yourself and your family.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is Pittsburgh, PA, including Allegheny County (preferred), Beaver County, Washington County, and Westmoreland County
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
What inspired me to help patients make sure that their rights were not abrogated? First...I'd have to say that it started with the lockdown nonsense along with mandates that began in 2020. During that time, I came across a lot of censored material and questioned the madness that had descended upon our country. It was solidified when I was actually called upon to help my family and friends multiple times due to medical tyranny.

Then came the jabs...And more mandates...And an awareness of Nazism raising its' ugly head again in the form of medical tyranny and discrimination.

In 2021, I only had two semesters left of my master's certificate in School Nursing at Slippery Rock University [SRU] - both of them in a clinical setting - when I was told by my university: "Get the 'vax' or get out." At that time, I was on the Dean's list every semester, had a GPA of 4.0 consistently, and was also a member of the National Honor Society. I had fallen in love with school nursing, and knew that this was where I wanted to spend the rest of my professional years.

However, I made the painful choice to drop out my program based upon everything that I had learned about the harmful effects of this medical experiment, not to mention the contents of its' formulation. In fact, I was so angered by the actions of SRU that I had no intention of EVER returning to nursing at all after 36 years of professional nursing experience.

I felt beyond disgust by how: 1) So many 'health professionals [HPs]' drank the Kool-Aid, towed the political line, and caused harm to so many patients, and 2) how so many REAL HPs, including myself, were being forced out of our careers because we made a choice to protect our bodies -- as well as our patients -- from harm. HP's were getting fired right and left for trying to tell the truth about what was actually going on in the hospitals...the horrific injuries from the jabs...the number of deaths.

I refused to be a part of the lies...so I left.

In 2022, while perusing on-line real scientific studies (as opposed to all of the fake studies being published by the mainstream multimedia) and anecdotal evidence of harm caused by the jab, I came across an article about a former ICU RN from NYC who left nursing to form an RN Patient Advocacy [RNPA] agency that specialized in protecting patients' rights as well as teaching them how to advocate for themselves. I had never even HEARD of this specialty before, but I knew that this sounded like a viable alternative to bedside nursing and was something I could do as a professional nurse after all!

Shortly after learning about RNPAs, I had the opportunity to use my professional skills twice for my husband at two different hospitals. I was able to assist him to get that he needed without him being subjected to tests and treatments that he did not want or need. In 2023, I advocated for my brother-in-law and helped him to obtain the correct terminal care that the hospital did not want to provide initially. He had a comfortable death that would have been absolutely miserable otherwise; I was thankful that I had the privilege to help him with that journey. Later on in 2023, I successfully advocated for my daughter and then my new grandson when she went to the hospital to deliver.

It is both a pleasure and an honor for me to be able to continue my nursing journey by helping others in need -- albeit in a different way than I had planned. It is my desire to help you with your healthcare needs; I hope to be of service to you at some time in the future.

FULL DISCLOSURE NOTE [for now]: I can only do this very part-time right now as I'm the prime babysitter for my grandson, but I do plan on expanding my availability as he gets older. Currently, telehelp may be my best avenue to help you, but that will certainly be expanded with time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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Formal Education
*Emmaus Sr. High School; graduated 1982; college-prep
*Boston University School of Nursing; graduated 1986; BSN
*Duquesne University Paralegal Institute; graduated in 2007; post-baccalaureate certificate
*Slippery Rock University; incomplete due to medical tyranny as of 2020; masters' certificate in School Nursing
Language Proficiency
  • Spanish
Faith Experience
  • Christianity
  • Judaism
Additional Skills
*Extensive experience in med-surg nursing; experienced in other areas as well, but med-surg (which covers EVERYTHING basically!) is the one I've had the MOST experience in
*Paralegal & Nursing Research Background; particular interest in scientific studies and constitutional law (but no, I am NOT a lawyer and therefore CANNOT give legal advice)
*Detail oriented
*Am constantly adding to my library of resources for sharing with others
*Always researching something or other and sharing it as I go with whomever will listen; *Proofing & Simple Editing (I even have an official trademark: 'That Ain't Write' [tm])
*Won an 'Above & Beyond' Award while working at UPMC
*Somewhat fluent in Spanish...but not 100%. I can read and understand it better than having it spoken to me. I can also converse, but not as well as I'd like to.
Professional Affiliations
*Experienced in many facets of nursing (med-surg, ICU, step-down, rehab, detox, home-health, private duty, peds, maternity, L&D, agency, school nursing [both private duty and thru' the school district], and volunteer work as an RN Pt Advocate, but have spent the most time in med-surg nursing.
*CPR; ACLS (not renewed after I left hospital nursing); National Honors Society; High Honor Society at Slippery Rock University; Paralegal certification (both litigation and general); volunteer work on many fronts; member of JBS and AMAC; VFW-Auxiliary Life Member