Marcy Burns

Simplified Patient Advocacy

Marcy Burns

Simplified Patient Advocacy
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Gig Harbor , WA 98335
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How I Can Help
Simplified Patient Advocacy believes that knowledge is the key to making healthcare decisions. We meet our clients exactly where they are in their healthcare journey. We gather information and resources, and we collaborate with their healthcare team – ensuring our clients are prepared and confident before making decisions about their healthcare.

Our vision is to inspire and empower each individual’s personal healthcare goals. Our mission is to help each client identify and achieve their personal healthcare goals, while promoting their dignity and quality of life.

We value hard work and determination; we believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, and we believe in holding ourselves and your healthcare team accountable. We take pride in our diverse clientele, respecting where our clients come from, and where their goals will take them.

Simplified Patient Advocacy will work diligently to determine your desired health outcomes and identify the steps needed to achieve your specific goals. We take pride in maintaining dignity and respect for our clients and their wishes. It may become necessary to make difficult decisions or have difficult conversations; you can rest assured that you’ll have our unwavering support as we see you through to your goals.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is We are not limited by location as we can work together online. Located in Gig Harbor, WA.
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
Simplified Patient Advocacy was founded during a time of personal health struggles. Learning to advocate for one's self is not something you want to do when you're sick and struggling. However, that's when it is most important to figure out exactly what your goals are, and what's holding you back from accomplishing those goals.
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Formal Education
Advanced Degrees:

Associate degree - Early Childhood Education - June 2011
Associate degree - Arts and Science - Pre Med - June 2017


Board Certified Patient Advocate Certification #2019200519 - October 2019
Certified Nursing Assistant Certification #60513110 - June 2014
Community Heath Care Worker Training WA State Dept. of Health - Aug 2019
Additional Skills
Services Offered:

Initial Consultations:
A phone/video/or in-person consultation where we will discuss concerns, goals, and any initial barriers to care. We will review how Simplified Patient Advocacy operates and how we intend to help manage your concerns and assist you accomplish your goals. As a client, you will receive a report including what we discussed, and our plan to reach your goals.

Follow-up Consultations:
Additional consultations can be made to update goals, review the plan, and discuss next steps. Additionally, we may be asked to consult with members of your family, or care team. While your confidentially is our priority, we are happy to include whomever you wish, to the extent you would like them to be involved.

Appointment Accompaniments/Assistance:
Pre-appointment consultation by phone, video, or in-person to prepare for the upcoming appointment. Your advocate may accompany you during your appointment. We will work to make sure your needs are addressed and that you leave the appointment with a plan to move toward your goals. We of work to make sure your needs are addressed and that you leave the appointment with a plan to move toward your goals.
We offer to schedule any follow-up appointments, labs, scans, etc. This includes a follow-up call 48 hours prior to the scheduled event in order to address concerns and allow for changes.
You will receive a document detailing client concerns, provider feedback, and any information gathered, as well as details about any upcoming appointments, labs, scans, etc.


• Administrative Assistance
• Appointment Assistance/Accompaniment
• Learning Difficulties
• Older Adult Services