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If you have issues and are not getting your wishes honored, I will be your advocate. Since 2003, I have been a practicing mediator with extensive training and experience in adult family and end-of-life issues. For 7 years, I was an ombudsman, visiting hundreds of long-term care facilities and educating/advocating for seniors. I am a "vigil" Doula and can help with end-of-life planning, such as drafting Advance Care Directives, legacy projects, surrogate consulting, and finding estranged relatives. A long-time hospice volunteer, I have been honored to sit at the bedside of many dying patients and consider my experiences with the dying to be life-affirming and humbling.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Mesa, & Gilbert AZ
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
My maiden Aunt, Rita was my favorite aunt. She was single and fun and had a million friends. She had polio as a young adult, and although she had a deformed foot as a result, she lived her life to the fullest. Rita was independent and feisty and had a great sense of humor. She lived in an "independent living" apartment in Cambridge, MA, the city she lived in her whole life. She made her own decisions and did so until the day she died. She started to decline in her late 80's. Although she could still live on her own, she had a host of ailments, including diabetes & macular degeneration. At this point, she gave me a POA for financial & health care, even though I lived in Arizona. I had many "discussions" with her PCP over a litany of issues, from drug selections to a persistent itching rash that plagued her off & on until her death. Most of my interactions with her providers were by phone; they usually did as I asked. At 92, Rita developed colon cancer and immediately went into hospice. I cared for her and was with her until she died. Rita had her affairs in order, including her paid-for funeral arrangements, which were recorded in her Advance Care Directive. I made one phone call to the mortuary, and everything she had planned was put into place. RIP, Auntie; thank you for your love, and I hope I make you proud.
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Formal Education
EJD (Executive Juris Doctor) Health Law: Concord Law School (Purdue Global) - 2012

BA: University of Mass, Boston, MA. 1973
Additional Skills
I give options and advice to people who are surrogates, have a medical power of attorney, and are proxies for a loved one. If you get pushback from a hospice over pain meds or staff in the ICU over a DNR, I can help as the "surrogate consultant" for the Final Exit Network.

For several years, I was a member of the Kaiser Bioethics Committee in CA. We made recommendations for the care of "unbefriended" patients who lacked capacity & were terminal.

I am a practicing end-of-life Doula sitting vigil at the bedside of dying patients.

Since 2003, I have been a mediator, specializing in civil and family issues at the end of life. For 8 years, I mediated at the LA County Dept. of Consumer Affairs, helping elders negotiate medical bills and disputes with utility companies and neighbors.

Law Degree: In earning my Executive Juris Doctor in health law, I took the following relevant courses: Wills, Trusts, & Estates, Health Law, Clinical Bioethics, Medical Malpractice, and did a Pediatric Hospice Internship.
Professional Affiliations
 BCPA: Board-Certified Patient Advocate: 2020 > Present
 Certificate in End-of-Life Care: 19 hours, 2023
 CT: Certified Thanatologist: 2016 > Present (Assn Death Education & Counseling)
 Doula Proficiency Badge: NEDA - Nat'l EOL Doula Alliance
 Long-Term Care Ombud - 2005-2012
 Clinical Bioethics Immersion Training: Washington Medstar Hosp, DC (40 Hrs) 2013
 Kaiser Permanente: 2012-2014: Bioethics
 Doula Vigil Training: International End-of Life Doula Association: 2017
 Understanding Death & Dying: Mesa Community College - 3 credits: 2016
 Conflict Resolution/Mediation: 2003 to 2020: Family, End-of-life, Consumer, Med Malpractice
 Hospice Volunteer (bedside): 2005 to Present
 End-of-life Counseling: Advance Care Directives & Living Wills, "Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate", Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare & Financial Affairs

 Advance Care Directives: "Get Ready to Go"
 Who Will Speak for You? A Guide to a Peaceful Ending
 Wrongful Prolongation of Life Cases: Providers Beware
 How to Legally Die in Arizona: A Practical Guide
 Becoming the Peacemaker: A Mediator's Strategies for
Conflict Resolution in Clinical and Family Meetings
 "Volunteering in the Valley of the Shadow of Death"
 "Successful Mediation Strategies": Concord Law School - Panelist: 2016
 "Medical Aid in Dying": Compassion & Choices Forum, AZ Statehouse - Panel Moderator 2016
"My Life, My Death, My Choice": Nat'l Association of Social Workers, AZ: Co-presenter: 2016


 Nat'l EOL Doula Alliance (NEDA)
 American Society on Aging (ASA)
 Assoc'n for Death Ed & Counseling (ADEC)
 Alliance of Profess'l Health Advocates (APHA)
 Maricopa Cty Assoc'n Family Mediators (MCAFM)
 Arizona Bioethics Network (ABN)
 Nat'l Hospice & Palliative Care (NHPCO)
 AZ Hospice and Palliative Care (AZ-HPCO)