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The following professionals are in high demand as Independent Patient Advocates

Aging Life Care Planners
Insurance Professionals
Social Workers
Case Managers
Discharge Planners
Survivor Mentors

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Bold Leadership

L. Bradley Schwartz is relentless in his determination to make Independent Patient Advocacy mainstream and available to everyone. A respected attorney and quadruple amputee resulting from medical error, Mr Schwartz founded Greater National Advocates to ensure that what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Prior to forming Greater National Advocates - a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Mr. Schwartz served on the Boards of NAHAC and PACB, helping shape policy and develop credentialing. He is a founder of the Coalition of Health Care Advocacy Organizations (CHCAO) and a champion member of the WHO Global Action Plan for Patient Safety.

Adherence to Professional and Ethical Standards

In order to be listed in the GNA National Directory, every advocate must agree to follow the Collaborative Code of Ethics For Patient & Health Care Advocates. BCPA-credentialed advocates also adhere to the Code of Responsibility of the Patient Advocate Certification Board. To learn more about BCPA Certification, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greater National Advocates all about and who is behind it?

Greater National Advocates is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. Our mission is to spread the word about Independent Patient Advocacy and make it available to everyone at GNANOW.ORG, a national directory that’s free for advocates and the public.

Greater National Advocates’ president and founder L. Bradley Schwartz, is a practicing lawyer who lost his limbs to medical error, and made it his personal mission to ensure that every patient’s voice is heard, because in his case, it wasn’t. Prior to forming GNA, Mr. Schwartz served on the PACB and NAHAC boards, working to shape policy and develop credentialing for advocates. He’s also a founding member of The Coalition of Health Care Advocacy Organizations (CHCAO), and a champion member of the WHO Global Patient Safety Initiative.

Mr. Schwartz founded Greater National Advocates to address the profession’s biggest challenge the lack of public awareness. Today, GNA is the most visible and influential public-facing promotional tool for patient and health care advocates nationwide. Reaching countless internet users every day, GNA’s messaging is designed to benefit the entire profession not just Greater National Advocates. Since its inception, GNA has made it a priority to continuously support and promote the efforts, achievements, and events of other organizations who care about patient safety and advocacy.

Getting listed on GNANOW.ORG requires a combination of skills, education, and experience that demonstrate an ability to provide competent guidance and support for patients and their loves ones. We welcome applicants with BCPA credentials, degrees, or certifications in health-related fields. We encourage family caregivers and survivors of trauma or rare disease, especially those who have been trained as peer mentors, to submit an application for listing.

Regardless of experience, education, training, or credentials, every advocate listed on GNANOW.ORG must agree to follow the Collaborative Code of Ethics For Patient & Health Care Advocates, which includes a commitment to continuing education, a pledge to practice only within their particular area of expertise, and a promise to maintain a robust referral network to ensure that patients and their loved ones always have access to options.

The GNA national directory includes advocates from many walks of life, each using their own unique personal and professional experiences to help the patients and loved ones who are in desperate need of health care guidance and support. If you believe you have the right combination of work experience, education, credentials, and skills to assist patients, please submit your application today.

Greater National Advocates is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation and our service will always be free for advocates. There’s no catch, no upsell, and no bait-and-switch. We understand that the decision to enter into Independent Patient Advocacy can be costly, time-consuming, and scary. Many advocates have already paid for training, certification, marketing, web development, and CEs. GNA is free because it’s our intention to remove many of the financial barriers that discourage would-be-advocates from entering the profession.

GNA is the most visible and influential public-facing promotional tool for patient and health care advocates nationwide, reaching countless internet users every day. We offer a free national platform with all the tools and resources necessary for advocates to grow their businesses, get noticed, and attract clients.