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Medical Guidance Advocates

Front Line Advocates Who Step In and Take Charge During a Medical Crisis

These knowledgeable advocates provide support with…

  • Improving communications between the medical team, patient, and family
  • Managing patient care and ensuring hospital responsiveness
  • Understanding a new or complicated diagnosis and obtaining second opinions
  • Overseeing hospitalizations, discharges, and the selection of long-term care

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Special Care & Aging Advocates

Compassionate Advocates Who Assist The Elderly and Patients With Special Needs

These knowledgeable advocates provide support with…

  • Evaluating daily needs, developing and implementing care plans, addressing safety concerns
  • Exploring living arrangements and helping select appropriate care teams
  • Identifying resources, organizing household affairs, and providing bedside support
  • Facilitating participation in physical, social, cultural, and educational activities

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Insurance & Billing Advocates

Resourceful Advocates Who Tackle Medical Charges and Fight for Insurance Benefits

These knowledgeable advocates provide support with…

  • Challenging surprise bills, eliminating excessive charges, and resolving out-of-network disputes
  • Appealing denials of insurance benefits and getting treatments approved
  • Comparing insurance options and choosing the right coverage at the right time
  • Qualifying for clinical trials, financial assistance programs, and access to medication

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Wellness & Lifestyle Advocates

Quality of Life Advocates Dedicated to Keeping Patients Healthy and Out of the Hospital

These knowledgeable advocates provide support with…

  • Fostering preventive and healthy lifestyle choices through education and coaching
  • Rebuilding strength and restoring self-esteem after a hospitalization, medical procedure, or course of therapy
  • Exploring non-traditional, holistic, alternative, and integrative approaches to health and wellness
  • Encouraging whole person care, promoting self-advocacy, amplifying patient voices

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Survivor Support Advocates

Peer Mentor Advocates Who Share Their Experience and Knowledge to Guide Others

These knowledgeable advocates provide support with…

  • Listening to patients and sharing first-hand experiences about conditions, treatments & procedures
  • Sharing solutions and remedies based on real-life experiences and knowledge
  • Connecting patients and families with support groups and counseling services
  • Setting realistic expectations for patients and their families in the wake of a new diagnosis

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