| S2 | E11

From Surviving Cancer (twice) to Building Coalitions featuring Rachel Westlake

Rachel Westlake was a teenage kid with long, curly, red hair when she was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma at the age of 15. During more than a year of experimental treatment protocols, Rachel began to understand her own mortality, something...
| S2 | E10

Simplifying the Complex Healthcare System featuring Nan Wetherhorn

On this episode, we talk with Nan Wetherhorn, a South Florida Independent Patient Advocate and nurse since 1976, who learned the importance of advocacy during her mom’s battle with cancer. Nan’s mom was a pharmacist and was more than...
| S2 | E9

From Marketing Executive to Patient Safety Leader featuring Karen Curtiss

Listen in as we sit down with Karen Curtiss, a Board-Certified Patient Advocate whose journey into patient advocacy started with her quest for a lung transplant to save her dad's life. Karen was working in advertising and marketing at the time...
| S2 | E8

Behind the Bills: A Crusade For Clarity and Simplicity

In this episode of Patient Advocacy Now, we speak with Nicole Broadhurst, the founder of Tennessee Health Advocates. Nicole's practice is focused on medical billing, and she provides her clients with the tools needed to decode their healthcare...
| S2 | E7

From Nursing to Wellness Advocacy

This week, we’re joined by Rajitha Bommakanti, an Independent Patient Advocate and lifestyle coach. Raji was a practicing nurse for more than 30 years, and she now combines her clinical skills with holistic coaching to help change habits and...
| S2 | E6

Both Sides of the Stethoscope featuring Alan Feren MD, FACS

Dr. Alan Feren is a former MD who is now practicing as an Independent Patient Advocate. In this episode, Dr. Feren shares his long and impressive journey of perseverance, integrity, and advocacy. As a general surgeon, Dr. Feren was always an...
| S2 | E5

When Friends Become Advocates: It’s Working in Omaha featuring Nicky Wik and Becky Korinek

For so many independent patient advocates, it can be a scary proposition to go it alone.In this episode, we hear from two good friends from Omaha, Nebraska who joinedforces and combined their unique individual skills to create a rewarding...
| S2 | E4

Where Pharmacy Meets Health featuring Claudia Cometa

Claudia is a clinical pharmacist by training and patient advocate by passion. After over a decade of working inside the healthcare system, she faced her father's cancer diagnosis and later passing. This experience provided her with a deeper...
| S2 | E3

From Lyme Disease To Root Cause Advocacy featuring Sylvia Reisman

In this episode, we talk with Sylvia Reisman, whose passion for patient advocacy began in 1998 when she was researching treatment options for her father who was a five-year survivor of stage III pancreatic cancer. ​In 2006, she became mysteriously...
| S2 | E2

Born Into Pharmacy: A Prescription For Advocacy featuring Nancy A. Taylor

In this episode, Dr. Nancy Taylor discusses her journey into patient advocacy, stemming from her background as a pharmacist with a passion for personalized healthcare. Dr. Taylor emphasizes the importance of pharmacists as patient advocates and...
| S2 | E1

Healthcare or Optimal Healthcare? There's a Difference featuring Sandra L. Washington

In this episode of the Patient Advocacy Now podcast, we sit down with Sandra L. Washington, founder of the C.H.L.M.S. Medi-Helpz Foundation, an organization committed to patient advocacy and empowerment. Sandra L., with a background in public...
| S1 | E16

Season 2 Preview

In this short preview we share some snippets of the exciting interviews we have in store for Season 2 of the Patient Advocacy Now Podcast
| S1 | E15

Season 1 Recap

In this Season one recap of our inaugural season of our Patient Advocacy Now podcast we review some of our most memorable moments with our storied guests who joined us in 2023. 
| S1 | E14

Ilene Corina: A “Take-Charge” Leader and the Pulse of Patient Safety

In this Season 1 finale, we speak with Ilene Corina, a patient advocate with over 25 years of experience. Ilene shares her personal journey, which began with the tragic loss of her three-year-old son after a tonsillectomy due to medical errors...
| S1 | E13

Caring For The Displaced: Advocacy For Refugee Communities featuring Emily Bernstein

In this podcast episode, we sit down with Emily Bernstein, who shares her journey into patient advocacy. Emily's advocacy work began when her mother was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2019. Her mother's challenging path to diagnosis and treatment...