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Jill Gill

Carolina Patient Advocates, PLLC
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Charlotte , NC 28277
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How I Can Help
If you are feeling overwhelmed by a new medical diagnosis, recent hospitalization, long-term illness or receiving conflicting medical advice and are in need of a trusted healthcare professional to look out for you and your family's best interest then Carolina Patient Advocates is here to help. We provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

We will help ensure that your providers have accurate medical information and a thorough understanding of your diagnosis so you can choose the right providers and best treatment. Our nurse patient advocates are available to be with you in the hospital or emergency room and can accompany you or a loved one to outpatient medical appointments. Best of all, we work for you, not your insurance company or hospital system.

Let us bridge the gap to the healthcare you deserve!
Important Information About Me
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is dsf
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
As the nurse in the family it is natural to be called on when there is a health crisis or concern. Over the years I have advocated for friends and family and helped them navigate our increasingly complex healthcare system. It made me wonder how those who did not have access to someone with medical knowledge could receive appropriate care. It became apparent there were countless others that needed someone with my experience and knowledge to partner with them and their healthcare team to ensure they were receiving the very best medical care and treatment possible and to help alleviate anxiety that comes with a new diagnosis or chronic condition.

I began my nursing career practicing in hospital, clinic and home healthcare settings in Tallahassee, FL. Our family has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for more that two decades and I have enjoyed working as a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, enrolling and managing patients in clinical trials for investigational drugs and devices to treat various cardiovascular and neurological conditions. I provided services as a consultant in the pharmaceutical research industry for the development of new therapies for diabetes, COPD and stroke prevention. I also worked as a professional organizer for several years helping clients organize their homes and busy schedules. After becoming a Board Certified Patient Advocate in 2019 I joined Carolina Patient Advocates which allows me to combine my nursing experience and love for organizing.
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Formal Education
Florida State University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1992)
Additional Skills
Excellent care requires clear communication and understanding by both clients and providers. There are so many ways that information and follow-up can fall between the cracks and important details can be missed. We believe everyone needs an advocate with medical knowledge to listen, ask relevant questions, take notes and ensure that nothing is missed. Our clients say it best.

"As an elderly woman with a number of medical issues, I was having many problems understanding and following my doctor's directions and medication recommendations. I was referred to Andrea Gill of Carolina Patient Advocates. She has made my medical care and treatment less confusing by scheduling and participating in appointments and assuring that both the doctor and I are communicating all my health issues and concerns. She keeps all of my medical history organized and is able to help me effectively communicate with the many specialists who participate in my care. Having Andrea as my advocate relieves me of all the stress that used to go along with my healthcare."

"Ms. Gill was the Patient Advocate for my late husband. She was dedicated to taking the worry off of us by scheduling and attending appointments, talking to doctors, and explaining medical information to us. She also coordinated with Hospice and made sure that we understood all of our options. When I look back at this difficult time, I know Andrea's professional advocacy allowed us to have more precious time together with less stress and worry. She was respected as part of our medical team and they all thought it was wonderful to have her as our advocate."
Professional Affiliations
Board Certified Patient Advocate

Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates