Andrea L Leschak

PharmD, BCGP
Wayfinder Advantage

Andrea L Leschak

PharmD, BCGP
Wayfinder Advantage
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Cary , NC 27518
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How I Can Help
Are you
- OVERWHELMED navigating the medical system?
- CONFUSED or FEEL INTIMIDATED asking your doctors questions?
- SEEKING the SKILLS and TOOLS needed to research confidently?
- ALONE making decisions that impact you and your loved one's life?

If so, YOU'RE in the RIGHT place!

As a pharmacist with 30+ years of experience, I know first-hand how chaotic our healthcare system can feel.

Instead of feeling SUPPORTED and RESPECTED, we more often encounter a system that is
➡️ Overly complex & fragmented
➡️ Impersonal
➡️ Harsh & Unyielding

Finding HOPE may feel daunting, and yet, TOGETHER, I believe there is a path to PEACE.


I offer fully customized advocacy solutions that prioritize your needs and goals, complete with targeted decision-support and healthcare navigation.

In our session, we'll discuss:

✅ Your current health concerns

✅ Your top health, wellness, & medical goals

✅ The steps you have taken to resolve the situation

Frequent requests by clients include:

✨ Pre-appointment preparation

✨ Tips for discussing medication use with your medical team

✨ Assist with billing needs, medical record organization, and communication with insurance companies

✨ Research therapy options, specialists, and complementary care modalities

✨ Draft emails & messages to improve communication and continuity of care
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is North Carolina
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I have a diverse background in healthcare systems, including community care, Long-Term care consultancy, and academia.

As a clinician, I have always advocated for patients to be treated with compassion, transparency, and dignity so that they can feel confident and at peace.

I have also assisted both my parents in navigating the complex health challenges and logistics associated with cancer and dementia.

Realizing the negative impact of fragmented medical systems on communication, patient safety, and families, I created Wayfinder Advantage.

At Wayfinder Advantage, I demystify healthcare through education, navigation, and decision support so that patients who once felt unsupported, overwhelmed, or dismissed feel respected, confident, and find peace of mind.
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Formal Education
Mercer University, PharmD, 1993
Additional Skills
I have consulted with and have personal experience with Hospice as both my parents were on Hospice services at the end of life.

As a pharmacist with a Board-Certification in Geriatrics, I worked frequently with patients diagnosed with Dementia and complex illnesses more common later in life: heart disease, diabetes, and Parkinson's. My work involved collaborating with patient care teams to identify opportunities to improve well-being and outcomes.

I have an extensive background in medication review and supporting conversations between patients and their medical teams about the safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications.

I am a Travel Health Coach and I help clients living with complex healthcare needs to remain active, engaged, and create memories while traveling with family, friends, or as solo adventurers.
Professional Affiliations
Additional Training:
Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist
Lean Healthcare Certificate Program: Certificate of Completion
Community Pharmacy-Based Point of Care Testing Certificate: Certificate of Achievement
Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Diabetes: Certificate of Achievement

Organizational Membership:
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

US ARMY Health Clinic Hanau, Germany, Certificate of Achievement
US ARMY Garrison Hanau, Germany, Scroll of Appreciation