Anne Kroner Cho

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Anne Kroner Cho

A-B Advocate Groupanne
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Pascagoula , MS 39567
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(228) 300-9366
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How I Can Help
We assist our patients and their families by navigating the Healthcare system. Some of the clients we have helped in the past include but not limited to: (1) Assist with Application/appealing Medicare/Medicaid/Veterans disability. (2) Assist with appropriate placement by offering options for the best Healthcare &/or long-term care. (3) Our patient advocates have extensive experience with Medicare & Medicaid compliance. (4) Work Closely with attorneys for more complicated cases. (5) Have assisted multiple clients in the court system where their Healthcare status had a strong impact on their case. (6) Have been court appointed to assist many mentally ill and/or handicapped clients & their family/guardian continue to navigate their Healthcare.
Important Information About Me
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is South East US including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
My brother fell off a roof on a construction site over 20 years ago. He has been on both Worker's Compensation and Medicare for most of those years. He asked me to assist him in finding better Healthcare. Upon investigation I discovered many disturbing things on how his care was being managed by Worker's Comp.

I jumped right in, began negotiating for my brother, My knowledge of the application of Medicare/Medicaid rules and regulations allowed me to assist him in getting the services he was eligible for and to get Medicare and Worker's Comp to work together.

Next thing I knew people found out and asked me to help them to find psychiatric care, elderly care, insurance issues, and the homeless. I chose to open up a company of my own.
I now assist many who can pay and the indigent/Homeless.
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Formal Education
University of South Alabama, College of Nursing, BSN, 1988

University of Southern Mississippi, School of Nursing, MSN, 2005
Additional Skills
My experience includes, Mock Surveys in Long-term care, assisted living, Alzhiemers Units, etc. Taught nursing psych, Advanced Adult health and Maternal/child throughout my 30 year career. Nurse Consultant for Geriatric Psych in long term care and acute care (before Nurse Practitioners specialized in this area) . Very familiar with military service and the traumas (physical and mental) soldiers go through in the middle east. Specifically PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and how they impact their life.
We have built a network of healthcare providers who are willing to assist many of our cients.