Susan McPhail-Taylor

RN Patient Advocates of Central Florida LLC

Susan McPhail-Taylor

RN Patient Advocates of Central Florida LLC
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Lakeland , FL 33815
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Special Care & Aging
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How I Can Help
Got questions?
Need support?
We offer options to empower you!
Crisis questions, longterm care planning, care planning, and more.

Well rounded, experienced Healthcare Professional who has worked in a variety of organizations from clinical care to nursing education , administration, and operations consulting,

Able to support clients with financial, communication, clinical, research, and aging issues etc.,

Susan can talk the healthcare “lingo” (both clinical and business) and interpret to be sure you understand options.
Susan is not shy. She will jump in to identify your needs and help you cut through the red tape to get those needs met through win-win solutions.
Susan is easy to talk with, and accepting of various points of view.
Susan works 1:1 with her clients. No middle men or other staff.
Susan works on behalf of no one but YOU! This allows neutrality and no organization or insurance company to report to.
Susan is an “out of the box” thinker with repeated testings showing that she has equally strong analytical and creative skills.
Susan focuses on win-win solutions that are aimed at meeting your needs.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is Central Florida- coast to coast
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I have had many different experiences and advanced education in healthcare .
None the less, about 12 years ago, with both my parents facing death at the same time, I had many challenges with our system. I wondered how other people could do it .

I had always known we had created a system that was not ‘user friendly’ and that we were very top-down in decision making. That bothered me.

It was at that point that I vowed to become an advocate for others and try to make their journey just a little bit easier.

I have moved away from 1:1 care management to consulting and coaching to EMPOWER others to get the best care possible.
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Formal Education
Central Michigan University, MS Health Care Administration , 1997
University of North Florida, BS Nursing
St. Vincent’s School of Nursing, RN Diploma
Additional Skills
Leadership in a variety of areas in healthcare has helped me prepare for my advocate role. A licensed nurse who can assist with billing and insurance or help develop a care plan for aging parents , i can support my clients and their families through many facets of our healthcare system.
Professional Affiliations
Susan has over 50 years of clinical and leadership experience in a variety of healthcare settings.
Susan is a Registered Nurse with a Graduate degree in Healthcare Administration, and has multiple certifications in Leadership and Communication.
Susan was one of the early Board Certified Patient Advocates in the US.

Completed IRNPA Program in conjunction with the University of Arizona in 2016.
Graduate work in Mental Health Counseling
Successfully completed training for Florida Court Mediation.