Christian Redding

Bachelor of Science in Human Services (BS)
In Sickness, Health and Wealth

Christian Redding

Bachelor of Science in Human Services (BS)
In Sickness, Health and Wealth
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How I Can Help
In Sickness, Health & Wealth we advocate with righteous intention and love. We are committed to providing help to patients of any age with navigating the healthcare maze and making difficult healthcare decisions. Additionally, we act to provide an ongoing partnership with clients and their families to produce a comfortable relationship with all parties which would allow for utilization of our services for long term health/wellness planning.We are a voice of support for our clients that will listen and advocate on their behalf. In Sickness, Health & Wealth pride ourselves on giving our clients the utmost dedication and care possible. We want to ensure our clients and partners in the health community that we can confidently be their eyes and ears in sound decision-making in respect to our advocacy abilities.
Important Information About Me
  • My geographical area of practice is Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I’ve spent most of my career helping patients and their families navigate the healthcare system. I have expertise in helping clients with understanding complex health benefits, investigating and reporting complaints/grievances and submitting inquiries to Healthcare companies and Regulatory agencies. I have provided guidance and support with appeals and benefit determinations and conducted successful mediations with resolutions and corrective actions and obtaining favorable results.

In 2002, I experienced a life changing medical event that involved a loved one. I was now in the role of a caregiver while going through the adversity of battling my own illness. I found it difficult to provide care without the proper support system or support advocate. Without support, I had to manage navigating the difficult healthcare maze of proper care, insurance claims and benefits which fall under the massive bureaucracy of the Healthcare system.

Because of my personal experiences I now have the tools, knowledge and insight to help others through similar challenging processes. I genuinely understand when patients and their families communicate how they’re struggling to navigate the healthcare maze, along with families being unclear about medical diagnosis/tests, insurance benefits, completing required healthcare forms - all while trying to concentrate on being a great caregiver/advocate for either themselves or a loved one. “I’ve been through the process; this allows me to step-in and provide the tools and insight to help others get through the process as well”.

As I reflect, it’s very clear that my sole purpose in life is to help others. If it’s by helping them navigate the healthcare system or just helping guide people through life-changing events. I want to equip others with the tools and resources to feel empowered, supported, educated, and to feel confident in advocating for themselves or for a love one.

When asked why I chose the career of a patient advocate? My response is and has always been “In the midst of my battle God gave me the strength to overcome.” To that end, surviving all the healthcare obstacles has prepared me to serve a greater purpose of helping others - OVERCOME.
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Formal Education
Bachelor of Science in Human Services (BS)
Faith Experience
  • Catholicism
  • Christianity
Additional Skills
Prior to starting the In Sickness, Health & Wealth, I served as a Patient Care Consultant for some of the most prominent healthcare companies and government agencies for over 10+ years. As a resident of the Greater Washington, DC area