Ciera Dube

Global Nurse Navigators LLC

Ciera Dube

Global Nurse Navigators LLC
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Lake Oswego , OR 97035
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(503) 461-9136
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How I Can Help
- Evaluate each client's unique history and circumstance and develop a plan that best serves the needs of the client.

- Provide support to client's and their families.

- Act as a liaison to help coordinate and communicate with the healthcare team.

- Listen to client concerns and answer questions.

- Explain diagnosis and treatment plans.

- Explore and educate client's on medical advances and investigate traditional, integrative, and functional medicine treatment options.

• Educate client's to be their own best advocate.
Important Information About Me
  • My geographical area of practice is Portland, Oregon
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
Watching and helping my mom with her parents aging, sickness, and death really inspired me to step outside of the hospital setting and into independent RN patient advocacy. Realizing how overwhelming and daunting the medical system is to those who are not well-versed in it was eye opening and an area in which I was well qualified to step into. It has allowed me to ease the stress of my clients and their family members during stressful situations surrounding their health. They are able to understand what is happening, know their options, have a solid health care team with great communication, and be an active part of their health care decisions. It truly is an honor to get to walk along side my clients, easing their load, and allowing them the time and space to focus on healing.
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Formal Education
George Fox University, BS Nursing, 2010