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Catherine Orlando

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As an Independent Patient Health Advocate, I know how important clarification of information is to positive health outcomes. Having been in the health care field for three decades as a Registered Nurse, I understand the obstacles people face when attempting to get health care needs met.

I have assisted many individuals over the years to navigate a sometimes confusing and fast paced environment. Practicing empathy in the work I do as well as in life, is the foundation for everything.

My experiences include acute care hospital bedside nursing, Adult developmentally disabled individuals with complex medical needs, skilled nursing, case management, residential care, hospice care, elder care, patients' rights advocacy and adults with chronic or acute illnesses.The goal is to ensure you have the information and resources you need to make informed decisions to get the care you need and deserve.

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Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
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  • My geographical area of practice is Orange County California- Services in person
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
As a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience, I consciously chose to start my early career working in a hospital setting to further develop my nursing intuition and expand my knowledge of medical practices. This decision allowed me to immerse myself in a dynamic environment where I could refine my skills and gain invaluable experience in the field of medicine. By actively seeking diverse opportunities, I have consistently embraced learning and growth, enabling me to provide comprehensive and proficient care to the individuals I serve.

Beyond my expertise working with adults with developmental disabilities and complex healthcare needs, my career has taken me through a wide array of healthcare settings, including bedside nursing (medical/Surgical), skilled nursing, hospice, residential care, community care, and patients' rights advocacy. Each opportunity has contributed to my well-rounded skills as a compassionate and competent patient health advocate.

At By Your Side Patient Advocacy, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and support they need to navigate a complex healthcare system, ensuring informed decision-making and personalized care as they take control of their health journey

NOTE: **At no time do Advocates make decisions or recommendations regarding specific treatment choices, provide clinical opinions, or perform medical care of any type, even if they possess clinical training or credentials.**
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Formal Education
EDUCATION: Golden West College Huntington Beach, CA
1994 -Associates Degree Nursing
1989 Licensed Psychiatric Technician
Additional Skills
-Therapeutic Communication
-Conflict Resolution
Professional Affiliations
Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
National Association of Health Advocates
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