Lakiesha Kiesha Young

Patient Support Advocacy
Kiesha Young Advocacy
Lakiesha Kiesha

Lakiesha Kiesha Young

Patient Support Advocacy
Kiesha Young Advocacy
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San Antonio , TX 78258
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(210) 796-1309
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How I Can Help
My passion and first priority is to help you, so that you can focus on healing. I am a Laision in representation of you, that work hard to communicate between all parties involved to get the issue resolved. What I offer:

* Virtual One on One and group Consulting, Advocacy, Education, and Personal Representation Services.

*Medical claims and Benefit

* Disability Denials VA or Social



*Pre Authorization Denials

*Collecting clinical data to prevent a delay in care.

*Medical Bill's errors

* Transgender Healthcare Support.

* Turning 65, helping you understand how medicare works.

*Helping you understand your current health plan.

*Balancing Billing Issues

*Financial Assistance and
Resources (Local, County,
Federal and State as well as
501C organizations)

* Locating Medical Care and
programs for Insured,
Underinsured and

*Medical Bill write offs that fall under Laws and programs that you may qualify for.

*Provider and Facility sesrch and Navigation

*Referrals to Case Managers,
Nurse Case Managers,
and Care Coordinators either
Included in your medical
benefits or Independent.

*Provide educational Courses to
aspiring to have a career as an
Independent Patient
Support Consultants.

And more...

My services are offered by phone, email, and Virtually throughout the U.S and Some United States Territories.

Please be advised, I do not sell insurance, nor am I affiliated with any agencies I am Independent. Please also note that I do not provide legal services, or give medical advice. All medical concerns should be discussed with your physician. For legal matters, you would need to seek counsel with a legal professional.
Important Information About Me
  • My geographical area of practice is United States
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
As an Independent Patient Representative laision consultant, I work for you in, and for what is in the the best interest of you as the patient, and your family. You focus on healing, I do the rest. Advocating and solving problems for patients for a facility has it's limitations based in internal policies, The decision to step out and provide my services independently gives me the freedom and ability to reach out and help support a broader range of communities, populations, and causes. The focus is solely on my clientele.

This is my why...

I have been in your shoes! It sucks, and it's a horrible feeling to be concerned about your health, and trying to find the strength to find out what went wrong, and how to fix it. Millions of phone calls leaving you to do the leg work.

I have faced medical discriminatory practices while trying to heal, and advocate for myself at the same time. I just happened to know my rights because I was already compassionately serving in this field, advocating for others. At that moment I knew that if I experienced these things with the experience and knowledge that I have, then who is advocating for those that don't have anyone or even know where to start. This is where when passion and compassion kicked in like never before. I could see the fear in peoples eyes while presenting me their issue, not knowing where to start. Cases where they felt they have called so many people and places with results. My goal is to always eliminate the fear, and stress that these times of things causes. Compassion brings comfort, but so does knowledge, and being educated on process of how these things work. This empowers you, and gives you the confidence in knowing that nothing is impossible.

The end goal will always be to provide a quick resolution, that leads to a happy healthy client.

I am a realist, I cannot or will not promise you the sun, the moon and the stars. I can only guarantee in every case, you will see me reach as far as I can. You will see the above and beyond. I will not give you any less than what I would expect for myself.
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Formal Education
Unlike others, a formal education did not teach me what I know. It was working in this career from the bottom up, over 20 years of experience taught me beyond what I would have imagined. As a Health Benefits Counselor and coordinator, It was stumbling into the healthcare system of what I thought to be a short term Health Insurance customer service Rep. Now 20 years later, a career professional Health Systems Specialist for the Department of Defense MEDCOM, now DHA. I have had the privilege of working all sides hands on, being trained by the best, and over time, training the best. As a former federal civil service worker, I have had the pleasure of providing service to our military members of all branches, as well as veterans, and their families. I am very excited to now extend these awesome services to the public.

*Health Systems Specialist
*Legal Administrative Specialist
*Defense Health Agency (DHA)
*Beneficiary Counselor
*Debt Collection Officer *Medical Debt removal and
*Medicare and TRICARE
education provider
*Integrated disability Evaluation Systems.(Preparing cases to be presented to disability evaluation board for review and determination, as well as to the VA Veterans Administration for claim and rating determinations.)
Additional Skills
My start was in Military Health Care system and it's affiliates for over 20 years. I didn't understand my own medical insurance until I started working in that field. My knowledge and skills gained over the years have come through serving through the most difficult times that our country from 911 well into the present as we are currently dealing with the a global pandemic of COVID-19, and it's variants, and now a recession. We learn to adjust and adapt as things change daily.