Martine Brousse

"The Medical Bill Whisperer"
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Martine Brousse

"The Medical Bill Whisperer"
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culver city , CA 90232
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How I Can Help
A long-time billing manager turned patient advocate, I help clients lower, manage or settle medical bills & bring resolution to all types of insurance-related issues.

Working with you, your insurer, medical providers and regulatory agencies, I analyze claims, audit statements, manage accounts, file appeals, negotiate if needed and bring about resolution on your behalf.

* I understand and have navigated the healthcare insurance system, in depth, for many years.
* I have seen your case already. Thousands of times.
* I provide the billing expertise required to lower your ultimate liability to the minimum.
* I force your insurance to pay out as much as it should, and appeal to State of Federal levels if not.
* I give trustworthy assessments of cases and implement the best strategy.
* I use my knowledge of regulations, sometimes obscure, to your best advantage.
* I offer effective solutions for the long-term management of your medical costs.
* I make sure all parties remember you have Rights, and that those are respected.
* A Certified Mediator in 50 States, I can negotiate one-time agreements and settle accounts.

Switching to the side of patients a decade ago has allowed me to apply a deep expertise and vast experience in ways that directly and positively impact my clientsʻ lives

As a Mediator in 50 States, A I can negotiate bills prior to and after medical services are rendered, and broker agreements between insurances, patients and providers.

I am a certified mediator, and have negotiated hundreds of financial agreements on behalf of providers, patients and insurance companies. I get results through negotiation skills, knowledge of "the other side", understanding of legal options and outside-the-box thinking.

I blog and lecture on managing the financial burden of medical care, especially that of cancer. My speaking engagements for local groups and national conventions aim at educating and empowering patients. I mentor budding advocates, and am often asked to contribute to news reports relating to healthcare costs by news media including the Los Angeles Times, NPR, CBS, Fox News and Consumer Reports.
Important Information About Me
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is USA
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
While a billing manager for a busy oncology practice for a number of years, I set up a free advocacy and assistance service for the patients, to help them manage the financial burden of cancer... and therefore have the funds to pay me!

Researching options and seeing first hand the sheer number of obstacles that patients routinely must deal with resulted in thousands of ideas, links and resources that I compiled in a guide and gave workshops on.

Bearing witness to the positive results that advocacy could bring about, seeing the great need for experience like mine and liking being part of the solution, I took the more fulfilling decision to become a patient advocate full time and use my experience and skills in service of those who so greatly need it.
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Formal Education
Institute of Conflict Management, Mediation Certification 2004

UMS, BA, M.A Metaphysical Sciences, 2008
Language Proficiency
  • French
  • Hebrew
Additional Skills
Billing Manager 20 years +


Certified Mediator with the Superior Court of CA

Fluent in 3 languages

Lived on 4 continents
Professional Affiliations
Toastmasters International, CCB, PM5
Certified Mediator with the Superior Court of CA