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Michael Newell

LifeSpan Care Managment LLC
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How I Can Help
We are Experts on Aging. We support family/loved ones who are dealing with chronic illness. We use a Nursing rehab focus to plan care and optimize client care.
--Starts with in-home evaluation/record review & construct Plan of Care ("life plan") to address issues/problems that are noted or likely to occur.

--We do a medication review (most elderly people are over-medicated).

--We advise the caregiver as to ways to take care of self, and be available to them to coach/support them as the Plan of Care unfolds.

--We advocate and coordinate care for acutely ill/injured clients in hospital, rehab or nursing home settings

--We advocate for our clients to the insurance carrier, including insurance appeals for denial of care

--We partner with Elder and Estate Attorneys to predict future care needs, risk management, access to entitlements (e.g., Medicaid, Veterans Benefits)

--We refer/recommend facilities and providers, and assist in negotiating the cost of post-acute care, nursing home/skilled care facilities, home health agencies

--We recommend ancillary providers: specialty physicians, medical equipment providers, contractors for home modification, daily money managers, certified senior real estate providers, senior move-management specialists, etc.

--We assist clients to "Age In Place" by setting up technology enabled in-home monitoring of blood pressure, body weight, etc., and medication adherence

--We provide professional training to Registered Nurses and Medical Case Managers upon request

--We act as an expert witness in catastrophic injury and malpractice cases involving nursing care in long term care settings

--We do Life Care Plans for critically injured individuals at the request of plaintiff and defense attorneys.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is NJ, Southeastern PA
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I have always been a caregiver. As the oldest of ten children, I had early practice at care-giving. I was initially a psychology major in college, and became interested in nursing as a profession while working in a mental hospital as a nursing assistant. I am a Registered Nurse with over 40,000 hours of hospital experience in critical care, including medical ICU, Cardiac ICU, Cardiothoracic Surgical ICU, Respiratory ICU, Neurosurgical ICU and Emergency Room, mostly in university hospitals in Philadelphia. Later, I worked as a medical case manager for a private rehabilitation agency, who's customers were insurance companies: workman's compensation, automobile and long term disability carriers. That lead to setting up my own practice as a patient advocate/geriatric care manager in 2004.
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Formal Education
LaSalle University Philadelphia Master of Science in Nursing Administration 1991

LaSalle University BS Nursing 1986

Philadelphia Community College AD Nursing 1974
Additional Skills
--I do insurance appeals for clients and act as an expert witness for New Jersey Disability Rights regarding insurance denials.

--I have taught clinical nursing as an adjunct clinical instructor for nursing programs in the past.

--I have presented many Continuing Education offerings in such subjects as management of head injury, diagnosis and management of dementia, medication management in elderly populations, medical case management process and methods, the use of health outcomes measurement tools & technology in long term care,