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Nan Wetherhorn

Living Healthy With Nan
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How I Can Help
My mission is to provide education, resources, and tools to my clients so they can make educated, informed decisions about their healthcare. My clinical background allows me to participate easily in discussions with doctors , pharmacists, physical therapists and other health care providers and relay this information to my clients in a clear, simple,comprehensive language they can easily understand.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I learned the importance of my skills as an advocate when I took on this role when my mom battled cancer. During the seven years that she fought this disease, I became her health care advocate. Even though my mom was a pharmacist and was more than able to understand her disease and her treatment options, I was the one who discussed all the health issues with her and her doctor. I became a part of the "team" as do most family members.

As a nurse since 1976, I ahve seen the communication breakdown in our healthcare system get worse, so advocacy is my way to brifge that communication gap and provide best possible health care for my client.
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Formal Education
Vanderbilt University, BSN, 1976
Additional Skills
I am fluent in French, have a good working knowledge of working with many cultures. I am Jewish and worked as a professional fundraiser for several organizations in a major US City. I worked with 2 large Jewish organizations and understand the culture( Orthodoxy , Conservative and Reform). I also worked with many Muslim patients when I worked in the pediatric and Neonatal ICUs in 2 major American cities.

I cared for several patients with cancer and with varying stages of dementia ( wrote a book for Caregivers on this topic as well) as well as cared for neonates for over 20 years.
Professional Affiliations
Univeristy of Arizona School of Nursing- iRNPA ( independent RN Patient Advcoate certification), 2015

Member of APHA, Oncology Society of Nursing, Miami Dade Chapter

I have been a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit for more than 30 years where I developed a solid knowledge of and ability to work within the U.S. healthcare system. I have experience with both pediatric and adult patients in various medical areas such as cardiac care, neurology, surgery, and trauma.

From my 30 years experience as a nurse, I have many areas of strength including partnership building, strategic planning, conflict resolution; planning, coordination, and management of patients with complex diagnoses and multi-system failures. Most important as a Health Care Advisor, I am a strong patient and family advocate. I can work collaboratively with your medical team and function as a resource for team and family members both. I have the skills to work with the system to manage patient expectations and move toward achievable goals.