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As a seasoned Registered Nurse with 14 years of front-line healthcare experience, I am deeply committed to serving as an independent patient advocate, particularly for those who have experienced catastrophic harm due to medical errors or malpractice. I bring a personal touch to my role as an advocate, motivated by my own mother's struggle with a mismanaged gout attack. Her experience revealed to me the painful reality of those misheard or dismissed in their time of critical need, and it drove me to ensure that no patient is left unheard or inadequately treated.

I am particularly skilled in navigating complex medical systems and processes, owing to my extensive nursing background. My strength lies in effectively communicating with healthcare providers, challenging any inconsistencies, and relentlessly advocating for the best care and treatment plans. This includes reviewing and understanding medical records, clarifying medical jargon, and ensuring that the care received aligns with best practices.

I specialize in cases of medical injuries and malpractice, using my expert knowledge to ascertain and advocate for rightful compensations or interventions. Whether it's securing an accurate diagnosis, proper medication, or appropriate medical care, my priority is to ensure patients' rights and welfare are not only respected but prioritized.

My services extend to loved ones as well, providing them with support, empathy, and the knowledge needed to effectively participate in their family member's care. I seek to alleviate the stress that often accompanies dealing with medical maladies, offering comfort in knowing that there's an experienced, compassionate advocate by their side, every step of the way.

Ultimately, my mission is to be the voice for those who feel unheard, the guide for those lost in the complexities of healthcare, and the tireless champion for those seeking justice and fair treatment within the medical system.
Important Information About Me
  • My geographical area of practice is Ohio, Pennsylvania or any Compact State
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
My journey to patient advocacy is rooted in personal experiences that exposed me to the flaws and failings of the healthcare system. My eye-opening encounter occurred during one of the most transformative moments in my life, the birth of my child. Amid the pains of an unmedicated labor, I found myself subjected to an undue stressor - the hospital security was called on me because my young children, peacefully asleep and out of sight, were present in the birthing room after our babysitting plans fell through. Their policy forbid children in the birthing room who had not taken the "Sibling Class." In the throes of birthing a child, the last thing any mother needs is the added anxiety of a security incident. This demoralizing experience revealed to me the insensitivity and lack of patient-centricity that can sometimes pervade our healthcare institutions.

Furthermore, my role as an advocate for my mother, a senior citizen who has faced numerous healthcare obstacles, further solidified my resolve. I have seen firsthand how easily patients can be misunderstood, dismissed, or misdiagnosed, and how deeply these instances can erode their trust and wellbeing.

Professionally, as a seasoned Registered Nurse specializing in utilization review, I have spent over a decade scrutinizing medical records from agencies nationwide, ensuring the ethical billing of Medicaid and Medicare. I have witnessed, with growing frustration, the instances of fraud, waste, and abuse in our healthcare system. It's unsettling to see the instances of substandard care and the corruption that sometimes overshadows the noble intent of our healthcare services.

In the post-COVID-19 world, the need for patient advocacy has become even more apparent. I have seen how healthcare providers can sometimes become entangled in bureaucratic or profit-driven motivations, with critical thinking and patient wellbeing falling by the wayside.

These personal and professional experiences have shaped me and steered me towards patient advocacy. I am driven by an unyielding commitment to right the wrongs I have witnessed and to protect patients from the unjust consequences of a system that too often fails to put them first. My mission is to be a beacon of hope, a voice of reason, and a steadfast advocate for those navigating the complexities of healthcare, ensuring they receive the respect, care, and justice they deserve.
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Formal Education
University of Toledo, ADN, Nursing 2009
Faith Experience
  • Catholicism
  • Christianity
  • Atheism
Additional Skills
My journey in the healthcare sector began early, at the tender age of 16, when I started my career as a pharmacy technician. By the age of 17, I had become a nationally certified pharmacy technician through the prestigious PTCB. This immersion in the pharmaceutical world opened my eyes to the intricate landscape of medication safety, efficacy, and the troubling instances of drug recalls. My older brother, a registered pharmacist himself, served as a mentor and guide through this initiation phase of my healthcare journey.

After working for years in this field, I decided to switch my major to nursing, a decision that stands today as one of the best choices of my life. As a Registered Nurse, I spent over a decade working with both Medicaid and Medicare as a government contractor, analyzing thousands of cases for ethical billing and compliance. This allowed me to develop a keen eye for recognizing inefficiencies, fraud, and areas of improvement within our healthcare system.

My nursing career was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 mandates, which eventually led to my departure from a position I loved. This experience, while challenging, underscored my passion for independent research and questioning norms. It also fostered a strong belief in the value of patient autonomy and informed consent.

As a holistic health enthusiast, I harbor a deep respect for natural remedies, and I believe in using conventional allopathic medicine judiciously, ideally as a last resort. My diverse healthcare experience, including working at the frontlines in pharmacy and nursing, and dealing with insurance and government institutions, has equipped me with a unique skill set and perspective that is advantageous for patient advocacy.

Drawing from these various experiences, I bring to the table a combination of skills and knowledge that sets me apart. My expertise in understanding insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical complexities; my passion for holistic healthcare; my unwavering commitment to patient rights; and my relentless pursuit of justice in the face of medical malpractice make me a unique and compelling choice for patients and families seeking an advocate. My goal is to provide them with the assistance and support they need to navigate our healthcare system with confidence, dignity, and informed consent.