Nancy Rodriguez

RN, BSN, Aging Life Care Manager
Senior Total Health Network

Nancy Rodriguez

RN, BSN, Aging Life Care Manager
Senior Total Health Network
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How I Can Help
As a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM), my primary focus is on providing comprehensive support and advocacy for elderly patients and their families, ensuring they receive the best possible care and quality of life. Recognizing that each client has unique needs, I specialize in creating personalized care plans that address the specific challenges and preferences of the elderly and their loved ones. Here’s how I can help:

1. Assessment and Planning: Conducting thorough assessments of the client’s physical, emotional, and social needs to develop a tailored care plan. This includes evaluating living arrangements, health status, and personal preferences to facilitate informed decision-making.
2. Healthcare Coordination: Acting as a liaison between healthcare providers, patients, and families to ensure cohesive care. This involves coordinating medical appointments, managing medication schedules, and interpreting healthcare information to assist in navigating the complex healthcare system.
3. Advocacy: Advocating for the client’s best interests in various settings, including medical, legal, and social services, to ensure they receive appropriate support and services. I prioritize the client’s rights and well-being in all interactions with healthcare and service providers.
4. Support and Counseling: Providing emotional support and counseling to patients and their families, helping them cope with the challenges of aging, illness, or disability. This includes offering guidance on difficult decisions, such as end-of-life care and advanced directives.
5. Resource Connection: Connecting clients and their families with community resources and services that can improve their quality of life, such as home health care, transportation services, meal programs, and social activities.
6. Crisis Intervention: Being available to assist with emergencies or sudden changes in the client’s condition, ensuring timely and appropriate responses to urgent situations.
7. Education and Training: Educating clients and families on health conditions, management strategies, and preventive measures to enhance understanding and empower them in their care journey.
8. Long-term Monitoring: Providing ongoing monitoring and re-evaluation of the care plan to adapt to the changing needs of the client, ensuring continuity and quality of care over time.

By focusing on these areas, I aim to alleviate the stress and burden often experienced by elderly individuals and their families, ensuring they feel supported, informed, and cared for at every step. Whether you’re dealing with complex medical issues, navigating care options, or seeking support for the emotional aspects of aging, my goal is to provide compassionate, professional advocacy to enhance the well-being and independence of those in my care.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • My geographical area of practice is Los Angeles and Orange County, California
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
My journey into patient advocacy was shaped during my 17 years working as a registered nurse, a career that not only defined my approach to healthcare but also exposed me to the complexities and gaps within the system. It was during these years that I recognized a critical need for extended support beyond the hospital setting. The realization that many older adults required ongoing guidance and support to navigate their healthcare journey was a turning point for me.

This insight, combined with a deep-seated belief in the importance of caring for those who once cared for us, led me to establish my own business. Aimed at providing continuous guidance and support, my venture seeks to address the broader needs of older adults, encompassing not just medical, but also emotional, social, and practical aspects of care. This step was a natural progression of my commitment to enhancing the well-being and dignity of older adults, ensuring they and their families are not alone in their healthcare journey.

In founding my business, I drew upon my rich experience as a nurse, leveraging my skills, empathy, and dedication to make a tangible difference in the lives of older adults. This endeavor is more than a profession; it’s a continuation of a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life for those in their later years, embodying the principle that true care extends beyond medical treatment to embrace the holistic needs of individuals.
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Formal Education
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Business Administration
Language Proficiency
  • Spanish
Faith Experience
  • Catholicism
  • Christianity
Additional Skills
I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of healthcare. With a background in Managed Care and a strong foundation as an RN, BSN, my career has spanned various specialties including Emergency, GI, Surgery, Pain Management, Case Management, Skilled Care, and Long Term Care.

This extensive experience has not only honed my clinical skills but has also deeply ingrained in me the complexities and the multifaceted nature of healthcare system.
Professional Affiliations
Member of Aging Life Care Association
Member of Foundation for Senior Services