Rachel L Vaughters

BCPA, NC L&H Insurance License, Notary Public
Rachel Vaughters, BCPA

Rachel L Vaughters

BCPA, NC L&H Insurance License, Notary Public
Rachel Vaughters, BCPA
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Raleigh , NC 27613
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How I Can Help
Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by the complexities of the healthcare system? Do you find yourself researching online to try to diagnose yours or your loved ones medical ailments because your Dr’s rush or don’t practice “active listening?” Are you interested in exploring holistic alternatives to supplement your medical care? I can help!

I became a Board Certified Patient Advocate in 2020, because I have genuine passion for helping clients and their loved ones find solutions when their healthcare needs become complex and overwhelming. As a caregiver, advocate, and care manager to my own family, I am experienced in several areas of Advocacy; Medical Guidance, Decision Support, and Holistic Alternatives complementary to conventional healthcare. I offer care coordination with goal-oriented care plans, all while providing empathetic, patient-centered support.

I specialize in helping adults find solutions when they are overwhelmed and aren't sure what to do next. I offer a variety of services, including patient advocacy and education for those with chronic conditions who need compassionate, strong, collaborative communication between healthcare providers, insurance companies, caregivers, and their families. I also provide care management, resource coordination, aging in place, independent living and retirement communities, attending physician appointments, alternative housing placement assistance for “differently-abled” individuals, I/DD, and special needs. I hold the NC license for Life and Health Insurance since 2006, and the NC Notary Public commission.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is North Carolina and SW FL - Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
Our Company Mission Statement:

"To advocate for accessible, equitable healthcare for all. We believe everyone deserves to navigate the healthcare system with confidence, regardless of background, identity, or circumstance. We empower you and your loved ones as partners in your health journey, providing clear guidance and support every step of the way."

I believe everyone should receive the BEST of the profit-driven healthcare system that doesn’t always provide excellent options. My work is about supporting you, the patient, loved one, or caregiver. Hiring an experienced Independent Professional Patient Advocate like myself, helps empower you to bring peace-of-mind in obtaining optimum medical care. It would be an honor to help you or your loved one.

My story: An early encounter with my own health at age seventeen ignited a curiosity within me for the intricacies of healthcare navigation. This interest blossomed years later when I faced the complexities of the medical system head-on while caring for my father during a significant decline in his health. Witnessing the challenges he faced firsthand became a turning point, solidifying my desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, I leverage the combined experience of my personal health journey and the invaluable lessons learned from advocating for my father as a passionate Patient Advocate. My mission is to empower individuals and families to achieve the best possible healthcare outcomes within a system that can often be daunting.

What I offer:

Expert Guidance: I act as your trusted advisor, navigating the complexities of the medical maze and ensuring clear communication with healthcare providers.

Informed Decision-Making: I empower you to ask informed questions, understand treatment options, and participate actively in your healthcare journey.

Peace of Mind: My support alleviates the burden and stress often associated with navigating the healthcare system, allowing you to focus on healing and well-being.

I was recently the Area Manager & Care Manager at a Nationwide provider of Integrated Care, where I gained valuable experience in care management, advocacy, nursing services, and guardianship/HCPOA services across three offices in the Triangle, NC.

I'm now ready to be YOUR advocate! Let's chat – Take control of your healthcare journey today and book your complimentary discovery call.

I was the former (Feb. 2024,) Area Manager and Care Manager for Arosa Integrated Home Care, care management/advocacy, nursing services, and Guardianship/HCPOA services for three offices in the Triangle, NC. I also have very recent experience navigating and advocating for my own family member at one of the largest hospital systems in South Florida.

I am available immediately to advocate for you or your loved ones and look forward to speaking to you during the complimentary discovery call!
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Formal Education
University of Florida, B.S. Communications, 1990
Faith Experience
  • Judaism
Additional Skills
Specialties include: Care Management for anyone seeking assistance with navigating healthcare, chronic diseases like Heart & Renal Failure, Hypertension, Diabetes, Back Pain Management, Chronic Pain, Neuropathy, Lymphedema, Housing and Home Care Research, Long Term Care Policies and reimbursements, Advocacy for Integrative Medicine and Holistic Therapeutic Additions to Treatment.

Speak, read, and understand some Spanish. Fluent Spanish interpreter and some French available upon request.
Professional Affiliations
N.C. Notary Public Commission, 2021
BCPA, May, 2020 Active through 2026
N.C. Life and Health Insurance License since 2006
N.C. Coalition on Aging Member, since 2021
APHA Professional Member, since 2020
HealthAdvocateX Professional Member, 2020