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Sara C. Stephens Medical Advocacy & Planning

Sara C Stephens

Sara C. Stephens Medical Advocacy & Planning
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How I Can Help
I started Sara C. Stephens Medical Advocacy & Planning in an effort to continue my work supporting, educating and empowering patients to manage their health within our complex health care system. An important part of my work includes creating clinically focused Advance Directives for patients. Our goal is to empower and support patients and families as they deal with illness and engage with our health care system. We offer a multidisciplinary team of trained and experienced medical professionals, who provide patient education, care coordination, and facilitate communication -- between you and your medical providers, and among your providers themselves. We serve patients of all ages, and in all aspects of health challenges and care – from surgeries, to chronic illness, to end-of-life planning.
Important Information About Me
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is San Francisco Bay Area
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
I come from a medical family – 3 generations of doctors. My father was in his residency when I was born, and my parents used to put me in a basket under the table of the hospital cafeteria when they had dinner together. My father was the epitome of a compassionate practitioner. He cared tremendously for his patients and always put them first – I remember him returning to the hospital after dinner to operate at night to keep his senior patients oriented so they would awaken with the sun. Often I went with him on weekend rounds visiting patients. He never left a patient without a soothing touch.

My decision to go into nursing seemed a natural one. I always wanted to be a nurse. I have always been grateful for the skills I acquired to care for and comfort people.

When my hospital nursing days ended, I redirected my nursing skills to volunteering. I oversaw my children’s school camping trips, volunteered for the Red Cross, and served on a volunteer board at a local senior home and Laguna Honda Hospital.

Almost 15 years ago I returned to nursing as a pre-registration nurse phoning patients to prepare them for procedures and surgeries. It was an instructive introduction to new techniques, procedures, tests and surgeries. Still, I missed direct patient care, but my skills were outdated and my stamina inadequate for a return to hospital bedside nursing. Looking to work with patients and make a difference in their lives, I became a nurse advocate. I have been in practice for almost 10 years.
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Formal Education
Stanford University School of Nursing with a Bachelor of Nursing Science and a Public Health Nursing Certification
Additional Skills
At the start of my practice, a family member became very ill and died. Caring for him through his illness and death, I experienced personally the complexities of our system, the frustration, emotional highs and lows, the gratitude to those who truly helped and finally the sadness and loss that comes with death. Recognizing that every patient is not able to afford a private nurse advocate, this past year, my pharmacist, Dr. Alicia Sakai, and I published A Medical Workbook. The goal of this book is to help patients and families clinically organize and educate themselves, so they can navigate our system and manage their health care successfully. We included tools to help address different transitions they might encounter to hopefully produce better and safer outcomes without the aide of an advocate.