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Cheryl Kauffman

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How I Can Help
I am a Physical Therapist with 30+ years of experience. Creative problem-solving is my bread and butter as a therapist and as a health advocate. As a PT, I bring a very functional, real-world perspective to the impacts of illness and injury. I am detail oriented while keeping an eye on the big picture...good health care requires both!

There are many types of advocacy and our work together can focus on one or multiple areas of need: medical navigation, physician communication, managing logistics, researching treatment options, or whatever else it is that will ease your journey.

Areas of special interest include neurology (concussion, brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury), medically complex cases (ventilator-dependent, wounds, kidney and cardiac disease, antibiotic-resistant infections, cancer), multi-trauma (fractures and internal injuries), hip and knee replacements, autoimmune disorders, and geriatrics - especially balance and fall prevention.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is The greater Seattle, WA metro area, or remotely nationwide
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
As I matured through my Physical Therapy practice, I gained competence, confidence, and satisfaction with connecting with my patients on what their illness or injury really meant to them. What losses were they grieving? How were they coping? Were they emotionally ready to make changes in their life? What brought meaning to their life? Did they truly understand what was happening to them and what their options were?

The joy of connecting with patients and their families is something to treasure. I enjoy teaching them what they need to know to feel more comfortable with their health care. Because PT's are blessed to spend a lot of one-on-one time with their patients, there's ample time for conversation and coaching. What does this diagnosis really mean (in English, please!)? What role do all these people play? Why do I need three different doctors? What’s the difference between these different places they’re suggesting I discharge to? Do I really need to have that test? It became my goal that my patients feel empowered in their knowledge of their health and emboldened to be the key decision maker in their care.
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Formal Education
University of Southern California, Master of Physical Therapy, 1990
University of Southern California, Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, 1988
Additional Skills
I have had some very interesting and frustrating experiences of my own with the healthcare system, and have learned a lot from each of those experiences. I live with an autoimmune disorder so am familiar with the challenges of invisible illnesses. I have extensive professional experience explaining life-changing medical conditions and treatment options to people feeling overwhelmed and miles outside of their comfort zone. Though I'm not fluent, I speak functional Spanish and have used it to treat many patients.
Professional Affiliations
BCPA - Board Certified Patient Advocate
member of APHA - Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
member of WASHAA - Washington State Health Advocacy Association