Carol Marak

B.S. Behavioral Sciences, Certificate in Fundamentals of Gerontology
Solo Aging Expert (Aging Alone), CAROL MARAK LLC

Carol Marak

B.S. Behavioral Sciences, Certificate in Fundamentals of Gerontology
Solo Aging Expert (Aging Alone), CAROL MARAK LLC
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How I Can Help
I mentor and instruct widows and single seniors who have few family members to rely on. I teach clients the skills that's needed when transitioning from a spouse to a widow, or from a strong career person into retirement. Clients receive training that transforms them from a person they used to be into the person they need to be now.

I show clients how to carefully consider their life of aging-well alone. They will receive motivation and expertise on how to plan for the unique challenges that most adults, widows and single seniors, will confront when left behind.

Individuals will learn their potential challenges and risks. They will assess the top 10 domains of life: health, housing and location, social connections, support network, financial soundness, legal matters, transportation, faith and spirituality, life purpose, and fun and engagement using my Life Plan Assessment. Once evaluated, they are equipped with strong data showing where they fall short and excel. This empowers them with valuable information to design a proactive plan that tackles each issue.

My Life Plan Assessment, mentoring and coaching, along with the course practices offer profound strategies that guides individuals to live above the chaos produced by the chilling and confusing unknowns about the future.

The life plan resolves stress and worry, and leaves the person feeling more confident and strong being on their own.
Important Information About Me
  • I offer a FREE Initial Consultation
  • I offer TeleAdvocacy Service
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Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
The Go-to Authority on Aging Alone

After spending nearly a decade helping my parents with the aging issues, I had a wake-up call, “Who will do for me all the things I did for my parents?” Taking note of that difficult circumstance, I got on the stick and created a roadmap to guide me in dealing with the inevitable complexities of aging alone.

I know what’s truly needed when a person has only herself to rely on.

I have taught hundreds of adults to think more creatively about and to take action for acquiring stronger health, a connected and supportive lifestyle, an inspiring purpose, more engagement, safe and secure finances, legal concerns, finding transportation, getting personal care, and much more.

Outside of my passion for mentoring and supporting solos, I enjoy the outdoors as an avid walker.

And most importantly, I'm thrilled when individuals begin to explore the wide-range of possibilities they have available to them to live well far beyond tomorrow!
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Formal Education
B.S. Behavioral Sciences, Sam Houston State University, 1972
Faith Experience
  • Christianity
Additional Skills
Strategist, researcher, senior-care, self-planning advocate. I created my own life plan at 60 to ensure that I age confidently even though I have no immediate family or spouse.
Professional Affiliations
Fundamentals in Gerontology Certificate
Institute of the Future Certificates