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Susan Goins

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Atlanta , GA 30339
Medical Guidance
(404) 383-5028
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How I Can Help
Understanding your diagnosis/identifying in-plan providers and second opinion;

Hospital sitting; insuring medication schedules are followed; observation and reporting to families;
Appointment setting; insurance accepted, what to bring; online registration; questions to ask; accompaniment to appointments;

Medical bill review and appeals of denied services or unpaid claims;

Transition coordination between medical facilities and home;

End of life advance planning; exploring priorities to create your living will
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
Hello! I understand the needs of families facing a medical crisis, or the slow decline of an aging loved one, and the stress and fatigue that family members experience during this time. As a Board Certified Patient Advocate, I am trained to assist your family by acting as a keen bedside advocate during hospital stays, or provide a number of services including acting as a liaison to be sure physicians, medications and insurance are accurately coordinated, relieving the patient and family so everyone can be more relaxed and rested.
As a former risk manager, I am "hardwired" to anticipate what could possibly go wrong in any scenario and proactively work to protect you. One of my first experiences in moving to Atlanta to transition my career was to assist a young couple where the husband had received a sudden, late stage and life limiting diagnosis. From my experience in sharing the family's journey until his passing eleven months later, I resolved to formally learn how to assist families in a crisis, as a resource with any challenge immediately facing them. I saw that I could fulfill what I see as my life's purpose by training to become a Patient Advocate. I have helped numerous clients, from cancer organ removal, to heart implant surgery, to acute sepsis recovery, to senior companion care and medical billing disputes. I have empathy and a great ability to connect with people on any level. I want to help you during this special time. Please call on me if you would like to discuss your family's needs.
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Formal Education
Malone College, BA Business Management, 1994