Tara L Bailey

Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC
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Tara L Bailey

Brevard Healthcare Navigation, LLC
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How I Can Help
In times of crises, it can be difficult to make decisions which are in the best interest of anyone requiring specialized care. Family members may not know who to talk to, what questions to ask, or where to turn for help. We provide the needed options that enable informed and positive decision making.

We understand the importance of following acute care discharge plans. When families are unable to set up and execute the necessary safety nets to ensure compliance, hospital readmission is a real possibility.

Our experience enables us to create the 'roadmap' needed to navigate the disjointed healthcare service delivery system while filling in the gaps of care that many have no idea is necessary for transitional care.

During the consultation, we can assess, evaluate and plan the resources and information you will need to put you mind at ease. Our affordable and quick turn around on personalized care plans will help you to make decisions that you need to balance work and home life.
Important Information About Me
  • I am insured
  • My geographical area of practice is Brevard County, Florida
Why I Became A Professional Health Care Advocate
Years ago, I found myself caring for my ailing mother-in-law during the final years of her life. The emotional toll was enhanced with the responsibilities of caring for my young children at the same time. We now know of this phenomenon as "Sandwich" caregiving.

Taking my MIL to her appointments was especially taxing; often taking multiple hours to prepare, transfer, meet with the physician, transfer into the vehicle again, and then wait for medication dispensing and back home. I remember crying one day, begging the nurse to find any type of community resource she could to help me navigate the mounting health care issues we were facing. Sadly, neither she nor the physician had any ideas. When the end of life decisions were being made, my MIL was finally referred to a local hospice agency. It was the hospice RN that finally shed light on a few resources that would have made a huge difference to me throughout the years. I knew in my heart that I did not want others to flounder as I did.

Today, I continue to seek out resources, learn new skills through ongoing educational opportunities, and reach out to as many people as I am able in order to ease the struggle they are facing. Patient Advocacy was what I needed years ago. Thankfully, we are available in numbers greater than ever to assist families in a wide variety of needs.
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University Central Florida, MPA
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