Heal From Inside Out

Heal From Inside Out
| by Rajitha Bommakanti

The Vagus Nerve

Life reflects our body’s state; many feel threatened, stuck, and unsatisfied with their health and well-being. Any threat, real or perceived, can elevate inflammation in the body, which is mediated through the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is one of the longest nerves in the body, communicating bidirectional information to the gut, liver, heart, and lungs back to the brain. The vagus nerve is the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for helping our body to return to a state of balance or homeostasis.

Our modern-day lifestyle has evolved to become very demanding, and many work under intense stress. It’s not always easy to overcome stress and the emotional baggage that comes with the demands of life. We may be aware of the many stress points that can contribute to burnout and mental exhaustion, but we don’t stop to think about what might reverse it.

Our body is very resilient, we underestimate its healing power.

If you live with an overwhelmed nervous system, then most probably your vagus nerve is weak. This is the main reason that, if the vagus nerve is weak, it is harder for people to regulate their own emotions.

On the other hand, a higher vagal tone is associated with emotional stability and resilience. Everyone has the power to thrive and survive in living a happy and healthy life. We all have the power to rewire our brains by learning strategies on how to tone the vagus nerve and to reduce inflammation. Each one of us has the power to heal and rejuvenate at the cellular level.

Instead of surviving and hoping to thrive someday, it is necessary to enjoy life at this very moment. There is no perfect time to thrive. Thriving is a learned skill similar to learning a new language.

What can you do?

Tone the vagus nerve by practicing meditation, pranayama (breath work), exercise, eat more plant-based meals, build relations, connect with nature, exercise, sleep 7-8 hours/night, and forgive, let go of old wounds. These are simple yet power tools you can incorporate into your daily routine to build resilience, reduce inflammation, and be healthy and happy.

Patient advocates can incorporate simple strategies for wellness to improve health and happiness.

The above strategies have shown promising results. The Holistic Virtual Healing Journey developed by Healthy You Lifestyle Center for patients with chronic conditions has shown strong improvement in clinical outcomes.

Often, overwhelmed people require care coordination and coaching to improve their health and well-being. However, physicians often lack the time, tools, and training required to effectively coach patients. Patients have barriers with transportation, time, and they lack trust and relationship with their physicians. The lack of trust is due to the reality that physicians have limited amount of time; these limited time frames prevent them from spending the time they need to build therapeutic relationships. Building relationships with patients is the key for patients to successfully open and communicating their needs.

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Heal From Inside Out