Credit Reporting Rules Have Changed-How Might This Affect You.

Credit Reporting Rules Have Changed-How Might This Affect You.
| by Kenneth Klein

Free Credit Reports

By law, everyone is entitled to one free credit report every 12 months from each of the three credit reporting agencies. In 2020, given the effects of Covid on the economy, the three agencies agreed to temporarily make free credit reports available each week. This was subsequently extended through the end of 2023.
Human Health Advocates always suggests that its clients check their credit reports. Sometimes medical debt has been posted without their knowledge, other times there is medical debt posted wrongfully—In such instances the blemishes on one’s credit report should be removed. Nearly 1-in-5 households in the United States has
reported having some form of overdue medical debt. Patients and their families are contacted by debt collectors about medical bills more than any other type of debt, and it commonly results in negative information appearing on credit records. In fact, in 2021, 43 million people had allegedly unpaid medical bills on their credit

Pro-Consumer Changes

Recently, credit reporting agencies made several pro-consumer changes regarding credit reporting of medical debt. First, medical debt under $500.00 is entitled to be removed. Sometimes medical debt is posted that discloses the name of a subsequent purchaser of the debt rather than the medical provider. If you see any
medical debt listed on your credit report under $500.00, contact the reporting agency promptly and dispute the posting to have it removed. Caveat: the removal does not apply to debt paid with a credit card. The real and lasting damage often done regarding medical debt occurs when it is reported, subsequently paid off, yet remains on the patient’s credit report for a full seven (7) years. That is no more. Paid medical debt is eligible for immediate removal from the credit report. Accordingly, one should check their credit report for old medical debt that may have been resolved and seek to have it removed from their report.

Several Other changes have been made by the credit reporting agencies that are pro–consumer. We shall continue to bring these matters to your attention, in hopes of mitigating the sting of medical debt. Human Health Advocates has successfully provided assistance to consumers with medical debt for nine years. It’s founder, Kenneth Klein is a board-certified patient advocate. Mr. Klein has successfully negotiated resolutions to significant hospital debt well over more than one-hundred (100 )times on a national basis. He has prepared numerous successful insurance appeals, reversing denials of coverage for medical charges. Contact Human  Health Advocates for a free consultation if you have problems with hospital or other medical debt.

Protect your credit score.

You might have debt reported of which you are unaware. You might have medical debt that was paid off that remains on your credit report to this day. Don’t rely upon the credit reporting agencies to do everything correctly. They could easily overlook a reported medical debt that is entitled to be removed. Take a few moments and obtain and review your free credit. It could improve your credit score measurably.
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For a more comprehensive explanation, see the Consumer Finance Protection Board’s article: “Have Medical Debt? Anything Already Paid or Under $500.00 Should No Longer Be On Your Credit Report”