What Can a Private Patient Advocate Do for Me?

What Can a Private Patient Advocate Do for Me?
| by Dr Elena Borrelli

Increasing awareness of the necessity for private patient advocacy has increased. While the term Private Patient Advocacy is becoming known, many wonder what a private patient advocate can actually do for them. What’s the benefit? There are several benefits a private patient advocate can help with, including cancer and chronic disease management, senior care placement, medical bill navigation, and inpatient patient advocacy.

Cancer and Chronic Disease Management

Pathway Patient Advocates can assist with understanding your diagnosis, arranging second opinions, finding specialized care, and access to innovative diagnostic and treatment options. In addition, we offer intensive care management and coordination. The diagnosis of cancer is a word that no one wants to hear, let us help ease the process for you and your loved ones. Cancer care requires decisions to be made in a timely manner, we can help increase confidence in your decision, knowing you have considered all the available options.

Senior Care Placement

Pathway Patient Advocates understands the transition to a new home can be overwhelming on many accounts. That is why we provide a personalized comparison analysis of the skilled nursing or assisted living facility that best suits the needs and preferences of our clients. This can be from hospital discharge to facility or when the decision is made to transition right from home. Once the decision is made, we assist in the coordination of placement to facilitate a seamless transition. We are knowledgeable about various facilities and are able to provide a non-biased recommendation, as we do not work on any referral fees or compensation basis for these facilities.

Medical Billing Negotiation

Billing errors are becoming more and more common. There are many reasons why your medical bill can be incorrect. Some reasons include coding errors, improper submission by healthcare facilities or providers to insurance, improper processing, duplicate billing, etc. You may also have a bill that is correct, however, you are unable to pay for a variety of reasons. Pathway Patient Advocates reviews and negotiates unexpected medical bills. Regardless of the amount of your bills, we are able to assist; insurance or no insurance.

Inpatient Patient Advocacy

Pathway Patient Advocates advocates for our clients while in the hospital. The hospital is a fast-paced environment that involves several people evaluating you, caring for you, and giving you all sorts of information. It is overwhelming and often quick decisions need to be made. A private patient advocate helps coordinate your care and smoothly navigate the entire process, preventing medical errors. Elena's 20+ years of medical experience adequately equips her to best professionally communicate with our client's care team and advocate effectively.

Personalized Care

An essential component to understand is a private patient advocate provides personalized care just for you. The plan is specific to your challenges, needs, and goals. Call Pathway Patient Advocate today to get started (947) 517-8395

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