Who is the ACLM and Why Should You Care?

Who is the ACLM and Why Should You Care?
| by Paul Ennis

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American College of Lifestyle Medicine

A few weeks ago I came across an organization and so far I've been quite favorably impressed with their offerings.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine/ACLM is a society of medical professionals who've come together in order to reverse the debilitating epidemic of chronic diseases running amuck through our daily lives.

The organization has been around for many years, but just came up on my radar earlier this year.

Why is it important for each of us to learn more about their practices, goals and objectives?

Because most, if not all, chronic diseases people are suffering from can trace their roots back to the following six pillars of 'lifestyle medicine' that the ACLM considers to be the essential components necessary for battling chronic illness:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Stress Management
  4. Restorative Sleep
  5. Social Connection
  6. Avoidance of Risky Substances

Evidence-Based Education

What's impressed me the most is that this is a group of 'medical professionals' who are using evidence-based education, practice resources and networking that support the therapeutic use of lifestyle change as a foundation for improved health and healthcare outcomes.

Their goal is not to treat symptoms, but to eliminate causes.

They recognize a Doctor's role as a resource, not just for drugs and suppressive therapies, but for coaching, teaching, supporting and empowering all of us with knowledge and practical tools that any individual can utilize in order to improve their health and life circumstance.

My personal experience in eliminating AFib from my life (after almost four years of chronic and damaging stress upon my heart muscle) owes its success to these same basic principles as they were passed along to me through a book  - "The AFib Cure" written by Dr. John D. Day, MD and Dr. T. Jared Bunch, MD.

'Lifestyle Medicine' embodies a powerful 'new' direction in healthcare and wellness that's worthy of your consideration and increased awareness.

The ACLM is a membership group that anyone can 'join' and there are also numerous FREE resources they are making available through their website in furtherance of their mission to reverse chronic disease and promote health and well being.

This is just an FYI to all of you within my circle of influence in case you're interested in learning more.

Stay safe and strong...

  — Paul Ennis, PPAHN

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